Eminem Augmented is an official Eminem Augmented Reality app that gives fans expanded experiences during Eminem’s 2018 summer live dates, as well as additional AR experiences that can be viewed anywhere. Be sure to watch the how to video below.


Download Eminem Augmented AR – iOS

Eminem Augmented AR – Android

iOS users please use an iPhone 6S or higher, and update to iOS 11.2 or later.

Android users please view supported phone types HERE.

A notification will pop up if your iPhone or Android is not eligible to download the app.


Eminem Augmented provides fans with an entirely new way to experience his live show. You can also enjoy other immersive Eminem AR activations in the world around you, wherever you are.

Start by opening the app and select the appropriate AR activation. These are organized into the following categories:
– Augmented Anywhere
– Live Show Experience
– Mom’s Spaghetti
Use the camera and video icons to capture your experience. Ensure camera roll access is enabled for media to be stored.
Augmented Anywhere
Experience two Eminem Augmented activations from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are. These include Monster and Shady’s World Portal.  
To activate these experiences, make sure you’re in a well lit area. Slowly walk around to scan the floor, then tap the      icon to activate the experience.
Live Show Experience
Location services must be enabled in order to access the Live Show Experience. These activations only work when at the location of Eminem’s live show.
The first six songs of Eminem’s set all include AR activations. Watch for Em AR prompts indicating which activation to select. The icons on screen will indicate the appropriate activation lens to select.  
Push the button on your phone that matches the icon on the screen.
Hold your phone up at eye level, point toward the stage, and watch the experience unfold around you.
Just keep your app open and phone ready!
Mom’s Spaghetti AR
Find Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Pop-up and scan the logo on your food container to unlock and activate this AR experience.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2f–bhhQUM